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About Our Signs

Thank you for your interest in our signs. Your new custom sign is made entirely of southern yellow pine. This wood has been used as a construction lumber for homes in the south since an earlier era. Indoors, your sign should last at least 200 years. They can last a long time outside under a porch, overhang. garage, or breezeway with no protective coating.

HOWEVER, if you intend to hang your sign in the elements it must be coated with a top quality protective exterior finish if you expect it to last. In the elements means: directly in rain wind and southern exposure to the sun.

Minwax Company, inc. has recommended their HELMSMAN SPAR URETHANE as their choice for this application it is available at most hardware and building supply stores in a semi-gloss (satin) finish for the natural look and a gloss finish for the shiny, plastic look. The satin works best as it preserves the rustic charm of the sign. Apply a minimum of three light coats, more if you like, to front and back. We stress light coats as a heavy flooding coat could loosen the glue. It wilt also help to allow extra drying time between coats. Avoid using products such as Thompson's Water Seal. These products are thin and have a watery consistency and will deteriorate the glue we use.

Occasionally, with exposure and time, a letter or piece may fall off. If this should happen, simply glue it back on with an epoxy type glue. If you are going to refinish the sign and reseal it, any white glue, carpenters glue or hot glue will do.

Any finish on wood outdoor will weather in time. The finest marine varnish on yachts must me redone usually in a year or less. If you put your sign in the weather be prepared for periodic maintenance. Occasionally touch it up or recoat the whole sign. How often it needs attention will depend on the exposure.

When mounting the sign to an outside wall, shim it out from the wall about 1/4 inch This will allow air circulation behind the sign and allow it to last longer. Secure the sign with good quality screws, brass, or stainless steel or you could nail it up with galvanized nails. If you nail it up be sure and pre-drill the board so as not to split the wood.

We are in the hopes that your sign will be handed down for generations and bring you much joy.

The SignMakers

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